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2019 Belgian Recon G6 12h FIX Enduro Range Rover

Build Objectives


Transmitter Spektrum DX4S I have two so a ready replacement if one dies.
Batteries 4 x AA
Charger Overland 220V/12V thingy will lookup model #/SKU Only have the one so might get another for spare or ask someone to charge for me.
Chassis GCM Racing coil-sprung CMAX  
Drive shaft 2 x SDI 5mm to 5mm One of these failed just the other day (lost a pin) so need to inspect before start! Have spares, and cut spare pins.
Suspension ECX213000 shock absorbers Have a spare 4-set.
  Axial 60mm or 40mm soft or medium, or ECX213000 35mm, or 45mm MST schock absorbers Pending test when I can fully load the truck w/ body & battery.
  Hot Racing limit straps May need shortening to match coils.
Wheels Vanquish Incision 1.9 KMC XD229 Machete VPSIRC00250 Plastic so super light.
Tyres RC4WD Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 1.9" 4.19" Don't have the RR body yet so not sure what works. May use the 4.75" MT/Rs instead. Jerome can advise.
Foams Crazy Crawler Never used Crazy Crawler, Jerome can advise pending truck weight, tyre selection.
Servo Savöx SW0231MG 15kg @ 6v Waterproof Metal Geared Digital Only ever broke one because I was stupid.
Motor Tamiya 54114 CR-Tuned 35T The one from 2016 still runs like a champ. Have spares. If the 35T + LRT2 + tyre size works out too slow I'll try a 27T silvercan.
ESC Hobbywing QuicRun WP-1080 Brushless is more efficient, but brushed is more reliable. And we can recharge during the Fix, so efficiency isn't criticial.
Receiver Spektrum SR310 Not putting a winch on the truck but in case we install one anyway there's an extra channel. The RX doesn't affect weight anyway.
Batteries 3 x FLOUREON 5000mAh 2S 7.4V 30C Lipo I've never continuously run a truck for this long but suspect these 3 should last the 12 hours. And if not I believe I can recharge. Opting for 2S because it won't require a BEC (so less to go wrong, and lighter).


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