Four Wheel Drive Concepts
   Four Wheel Drive Types
   Petrol vs. Diesel
   High & Low Range Gears
   High & Low Range Gears
   Suspension Types
   Vehicle Recovery Points
Offroad Driving Techniques
Vehicle Recovery Techniques
Four Wheel Drive Concepts

All four wheel drive vehicles are "good" vehicles, irrespective of make or model. It's the driver that makes the difference. Having said that, there is technology out there that can make some obstacles and off-roading situations easier to negotiate.
The Concepts section deals with these technologies, and does so for two reasons. The first is to inform. The concepts discussed here can empower the reader to make an informed buying decision. The second is to create an awareness of where a four wheel drive's capabilities come from, i.e. to apply knowledge of these technologies in the bush.

4x4 Types 4x4 Types
Explains the differences between part-time, full-time and hybrid four wheel drive systems.
Petrol & Diesel Petrol & Diesel
Many maintain that diesel is the only way to go when off-roading. Find out where and why petrol engines also have their place.
High & Low Range High & Low Range
This section describes high and low range gearing, how they work and their uses.
Clearance Clearance
Discusses under-axle and under-chassis clearance, as well as approach, depature and break-over angles.
Suspension Suspension
Suspensions fall into two main categories - solid or live axle, and independant suspensions. This section also deals with coil and leaf sprung suspensions.
Differentials Differentials
This section explains how diffs allow the vehicle to turn whilst all four wheels are under power, and why you'd want to lock diffs.
Tyres Tyres
Choosing the right tyres is easily the most cost-effective performance modification you can make to your 4x4. The various tyre types are explained here.
Recovery Points Recovery Points
Recovery Points allow you to safely attach snatch ropes, winch cables and ropes or chains to your vehicle, aiding in recovery operations.