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This is a reference that grew out of books I've read, notes I've taken, and experiences working on small and large consulting projects.

Consulting process

  Current State   Assess the situation. Understand the transformation (one or more processes) the client seeks to address, and find out what the technology landscape looks like. Start identifying stakeholders, and familiarise yourself with the client's worldview, environment, and the power and political landscape.
  Objective   Identify who the client is, and define the client's objective. The objective is specific, measurable, agreed to by the client, realistic, and time-boxed. It is guided by the results of the situational analysis.
  Scope   Bound the solution by outlining it's features and functions, by defining what's out of scope, and by discussing the criteria by which success is measured. The scope delineates what stakeholders expect the project to deliver.
  Design and Build   Build the the solution using good practices and maybe a suitable approach to developing software like waterfall, spiral or scrum. The choice of methdology is determined in part by the client's worldview, uncovered in the situational analysis.
  Risk Management   The process of identifying, analysing, planning and tracking risk to reduce the probability and severity of loss.
  Stakeholder Management   Maintain the relationships first established during the current state assessment, and manage expectations.
  Project Review   The post-project analysis is a summary of the good, the bad and the ugly, and adds to the knowledge base of lessons learned.

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