Four Wheel Drive Concepts
Offroad Driving Techniques
   Basic driving skills
   Climbing steep slopes
   Descending steep slopes
   Traversing steep slopes
   Driving in mud
   Driving in sand
   Driving in snow
   Wading through water
Vehicle Recovery Techniques
Off-Road Driving Techniques
Traversing Slopes
Traversing a slope   Sometimes you have no other option than to traverse a slope (driving along a steep slope laterally). Although it always feels scarier than it really is, trust your instincts and don't push it. Most off-road vehicles can handle side tilt-angles up to 40 degrees.
What you do need to look out for are slippery surfaces, depressions on the downhill side of the vehicle, and raised areas (bumps or rocks) on the uphill side of the vehicle, which can dangerously increase the tilt angle.
Escape Procedure
If you feel the vehicle is loosing it, steer the vehicle downhill, towards the fall-line, lightly using the accelerator if required. This reduces the chances of a roll-over. Here again it pays to inspect your route on foot before attempting the traverse as this allows you to spot possible escape lines should they be required.