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Throughout this web site, the terms CAUTION, WARNING and DANGER with the safety-alert symbols depicted below are used to indicate how dangerous an action can be to you personally.
CAUTION! Beware of unsafe practice!   CAUTION! is used to remind you about good safety practices or to point out unsafe practices
WARNING! May cause serious injury or death!   WARNING! is used to show a potential accident where damage to property, serious injury or death is possible.
DANGER! Serious injury or death can occur!   DANGER! is used to show the most serious kind of accident, which may cause serious injury or death.
Read and understand the instructions and warnings on this web site. If you have any questions about using a technique or product described on this web site safely, please ask using the contact form.
Bootnote: Driving in the bush is fun. It's also a useful skill to have. However it requires common sense. If you don't have common sense I suggest you trade your offroader in for a Prius, and stay in the city. Use what this site tells you at your own risk, and don't be an idiot like this guy:
Idiot    Idiot    Idiot

Idiot    Idiot    Idiot