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  Moved to Germany
Went to Casablanca  
Went to Saint Helena  
Moved to South Africa. On a ship  
  Started primary school in English
  Started German Saturday school
Started high school in Afrikaans  
  Learnt to ice-skate
Skied on a dry slope  
Learnt to program computers  
  First job - cashier at the horse races on weekends
Conscripted into the army  
  Went to South West Africa
  Went to Angola
  Went to Luxembourg, Germany, UK and Belgium
  Skied in St. Johann am Pongau
Started studying IT  
  First job as a programmer
  Got my own place
Went to Monte Carlo  
Went to Nice  
Watched SA lift the Rugby World Cup  
Became an Uncle  
  Went to Lesotho
Skied in South Africa  
  Scuba dived in Mozambique
  Became an Uncle again
  Learnt to water ski
Moved to London  
Went to Le Havre  
Snowboarded in St. Anton  
  Snowboarded in Haute Nendaz
  Went to Edinburgh
  Went to Dubai
  Went to South Africa
  Went to Lesotho
  Went to Munich
Snowboarded in Santa Cristina Valgardena  
Learnt to Freeboard  
Met Nikki Lauda for dinner at Silverstone  
Sailed on an Atlantic Challenge yacht on the Solent  
New Order in Finsbury Park  
  Snowboarded in Tignes
  Did Glastonbury
  Went to Dublin
  Got a tattoo
  Went to Paris
  Went to Amsterdam
Snowboarded in Lenzerheide  
Went to Frankfurt  
Learnt to Kitesurf  
Moved to Seattle  
Watched St. Helens build a new lava dome  
Watched Huskies v. Dawgs  
Snowboarded on Mt. Baker  
Snowboarded on Whistler & Blackcomb  
  Moved back to London
  Snowboarded in St. Anton and St. Johann am Pongau
  Went to Budapest
  Did the Royal Air Tattoo
  Did Fatboy Slim at the Brixton Academy
Went to Seattle  
Snowboarded at Snoqualmie  
Went to South Africa  
Infected Mushroom at the Brixton Academy  
Went to Costa Del Sol  
Went to Gibraltar  
Did Royal Ascot  
Went scuba diving in Malta  
Went to Seattle  
Did V Festival  
Snowboarded in Chamonix  
Went paragliding in Chamonix  
  Went to Washington DC
  Went to Omaha
  Went to Ottawa
  Went scuba diving in the British Virgin Islands
  Went to Antigua
  Snowboarded in Hemsedal
  Did a charity cycle in the Peaklands
  Went to Venice
  Went to Seattle. Again. And met Bill Gates.
  Did V Festival
Went snowboarding in Verbier  
Did Secret Garden Party  
Did V Festival  
Went to South Africa  
Went to Botswana  
Went to Victoria Falls  
Went to Namibia  
  Snowboarded in Verbier
  Started Krav Maga
  Became an uncle. Again
  Grew a moustache
Krav Maga in Israel  
Went to Guidel
  Moved to Berlin
  Moved back to London
  Went to Belfast
  Got another tattoo
  Went to Toulouse
  Went to South Africa
I became a father 😍  
Went to Guidel (Summer)  
Went to Guidel (Christmas)  
  Went to South Africa
Krav Maga in Lodz  
  Snowboarded in Tignes
  Went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed
  Sent my boy to German Saturday school 🤣
  Went to Guidel
Went to South Africa  
Went to Narbonne Plage  
The Damned somewhere in south-west London  
Mogwai at Brixton Academy  
  Moved to Germany because Brexit 🤯
  Snowboarded in Tignes
  Went to Rome
  Went to a wedding in San Diego
  Grew a beard
  Got another tattoo
  Went to Guidel
  Went to Paris
  Went to South Africa
Went to Lesotho  
Snowboarded in St. Christoph  
Snowboarded in Tignes  
Got rid of the beard  
Went to London  
Went to Lauterbrunnen  
Moved house  
Drove an RC truck non-stop for 12 hours in Belgium  
Went to Paris  
Went to Guidel  
  Snowboarded in Ischgl
  USTE in Williston, Florida
  Whistle-stopped in Salzburg
  JS Scale Experience in Cattenom

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