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About the site

This is my personal web site. It's been around in one form or another since 1995, when the site was hosted by ICON (the dial-up part of the Internet Solution, now Internet Solutions) in Rosebank, South Africa.

September 2000 I registered wittenburg.co.uk and briefly hosted the site in the UK. You can see what the site looked like back then in the Wayback Machine.

In 2003 the site moved to DiscountASP.net in the US, who offered cheap (wait for it) ASP.NET hosting. Cavalier attitudes to civil rights and personal data in the US pushed me to move wittenburg.co.uk back to Europe in May 2019.

The technical stuff

Wittenburg.co.uk started out as flat HTML. In 2003 the move to DiscountAsp.net let me progressively convert the site into a multi-layered and multi-tiered CMS that I eventually finished in 2012. The move to a European-based host provided an opportunity to modernise the site and make it responsive.

About me

I am:

Cape Town, January 2017
Cape Town, January 2017

The personal stuff

I grew up in Africa, have lived in Munich, Seattle, Berlin, London and Frankfurt. I’ve been to 32 countries, and am fluent in three languages. I've jumped out of aeroplanes, experienced the tail-end of the border war and have titanium in my shoulder.

Personal interests include this web site, writing software, and building radio controlled cars.

The professional stuff

I’ve been programming computers since 1986. I've worked for companies like EDS, Microsoft, and Nokia. I also speak at events about making software, being an IT architect, and IT consulting. Went independent in 2018 making software I hope will further human rights.