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About the site

This is my personal web site. It's been around since 1995. A personal web site was new and novel back then and it had little more than an online resume, photo and an email address on it. The provider was Icon, the dial-up part of the Internet Solution in South Africa. After moving to London I registered Wittenburg.co.uk and the site became what it is now.

About the name

Wittenburg is a German family name. Its bearers originate from a German town called Wittenburg. You can read about the name's origin in English here, or here in the original German. You can read about the name's entymology on Wolfgang Wittenburg's web site Wittenburg.net.

About me

I am:

Cape Town, January 2017

Cape Town, January 2017

The personal stuff

I've lived on three continents, and have been to 31 countries. I'm fluent in three languages (slowly learning a fourth), have jumped out of aeroplanes, and experienced the end of the tail-end of the border war. There's titanium in my shoulder, amongst one or two other augmentations.

Personal interests include snowboarding, this web site, writing software, and building radio controlled trucks.

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The professional stuff

I’ve been programming computers since 1986. I've worked for companies like EDS, Microsoft, and Nokia. I also speak at events about making software, being an IT architect, and technology consulting.


¹ I still write herds of code at home, but these days I consult. Enterprise architecture, operational management, IT strategy, security, identity and access management...

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