This is my personal web site. This page contains a collation of related blog posts, followed by links to other content on this site. Some background is available on the about page. Use the contact form to get in touch.


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Other content on this site:

Offroading is a site my brother and I put together in 1998. It contains, amongst other 4x4-related information, off-road driving and vehicle recovery guidance.

Offroad GPS is my first attempt at a Windows Phone application. It was submitted to the app store in February 2011.

The Stopwatch is an experiment in universal Windows apps that work on both Windows and Windows Phone. This one only took two days to build, and was submitted to the app store in September 2014.

The mobile phone directory is an entirely JavaScript -based search tool I created in 1997. Choose "Handsets" from the top menu, and play around with manufacturers and network types to narrow the list of cellphones.

The Debt Register is an (incomplete) proof of concept I built for an innovation drive at work. It's mostly re-purposed code from a risk management app I created a few years ago.

Buffel MK1 Resources

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