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Datsun GT-R KPGC10 Hakosuka

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20 February 2021

Found a GT-R lexan body from This will be my first drifter. If it works out I and I like it, I might upgrade to something more legit from MST. For now though, it's going to sit on a Tamiya TT-02 SR kit, which like the body has been gathering dust in a corner for a year or so.

Reference pics.

Paul Walker drove one in Fast 5 😍

I'm trying liquid mask for the first time. Four layers, according to Hemistorm.

I'm using something called Fastmask. I have no idea how good or bad it is, whether fours layers of this stuff is too much or not, just going to try my luck... So here's what we've got (all of it from Ebay):

Interesting to note the window rubbers that I painted back when I got the body. I don't remember how I did that. Anyway today (mid-Feb 2021) I began applying the liquid mask. I got impatient and drew my design on after layer three, so you can sort of see in the early pictures what I have in mind. I also swapped the TT-02 out for an MST RMX 2.0S kit.

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