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1951 Ford F5 COE

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This is from a die-cast model but was sufficient to validate the top view against the images below.

Ford F5 Die-cast

This one demonstrates that all the cabs are identical. This means that a front or top view of a conventional or delux cab will apply to the F5/COE, obviously accounting for engine placement/length of the hood.

Ford F5 Chassis Dimensions

The best-bet rear view I could find is from an F6.

Ford F6 COE

Terrible pixel-art drawing of an F1 COE. I don't think I got much use from it other than to roughly validate hood dimenstions.

Ford F1 COE

Best front view I found.

Model Identification

The top view of this F4 helped me size the cab, using steering wheel and cowl placements as a reference.

F4 COE 1948 Body Builders Dimensions


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