Posted to Facebook on Easter SUnday (4.4.2021) in the RC Drift group (¬if_id=1617539452124772¬if_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif)

This whole thread is crazy. I come from many years of scratch-building off-road scaler/crawler/replica trucks, and that world has issues for sure (n00bs asking questions on FB rather than Google or looking at the forums) but mostly there's a lot of love there. I'm too new to drift to get a sense of the bad in this community, but I do know one thing - Facebook is bad. Facebook cannibalised forums. All forums, for virtually all hobbies. Facebook won because "everybody's on Facebook". But Facebook sucks big, smeggy hairy donkey balls because -

I believe quite strongly that a new - fuck I hate this term - social media tool will emerge some day. One that hits a sweet spot between a Facebook group and what forums were good at (build threads, event listings, club management, tools/techniques, product guides...)

Facebook was (is!) a step back for all of us.

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