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Tamiya Blackfoot

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Always wanted a Tamiya Blackfoot. The problem it has though, is that the dogbones that drive the rear wheels pop out every two or three minutes. It's a really bad design, and had I known about it I doubt I'd have bought it. Actually I probably would've bought it anyway 🙄 ðŸĪŠ

A solution, the Super ball diff for the Tamiya Blackfoot and Monster Beetle (#16210) was designed and is produced by MIP. It completely replaces the rear differential and the Tamiya (included with kit) dogbone cups. Both Matteo Meier and Ampro Engineering reviewed the upgrade and show how it goes together -

MIP also provide instructions online (PDF). Just note that both Matteo and AMPRO said instructions WERE included in the parts bag, mine came without. Also the final few steps of assembly are a bit fiddley, and there was virtually no Clear Silicone Grease in my parts bag, so I used my own grease which has a higher viscosity but seems ok.

I recommend it, if you have a Blackfoot and Monster Beetle from Tamiya.

So, my Blackfoot...

I bought it in 2020, built it but didn't quite finish it. The neighbours bashed about with it a few times with my son driving his Wild Willy 2. As you'd expect the dogbone popped out All. The. Time. And so it sat on a shelf looking exactly like the first photo below.

In 2022 I discovered the fix from MIPS, ordered it, and fixed my Blackfoot. It was a great opportunity to complete the build, and now looks like the last photo below 😍

It's snowing again at the moment, so will test when that stops/clears.

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