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Camper Van Electric Components

Becuase brand names/jargon like MPPT, Orion TR Smart, Multiplus etc. are meaningless to n00bs :-O


MPPT is an abbreviation of "maximum power point tracking" (sometimes just power point tracking).

The power generated by the solar panels may drop when when covered by shade/snow/etc. They might only generate 5V. Or 9V. The electornics in the van however, expect 12V. The MPPT regulates the incoming power to ensure that the van's electrics always receive 12V.

Lynx Power In

Lynx Power In is a modular DC busbar used to connect batteries to the Lynx DC distribution system.

Orion TR Smart

The Orion TR Smart is an adaptive DC-to-DC 3-stage charger. It's used to charge leisure batteries using power from the vehicles' alternator or starter battery.


The MultiPlus is a combined inverter (e.g. 12V to 230V) and charger.

AC-Out 230V Consumer Unit

The 230V trip switch.

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