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Germany Wittenburg

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If your family/surname is Wittenburg chances are someone in your past was born here. It's old. Wittenburg has been around since the 12th century. Wikipedia has something to say about it too. I eventually managed a visit in 2021.

I imagine that like other places in Germany and Europe, Wittenburg didn't excape the war unscathed. And so it looks like some parts of the town have been rebuilt, seemingly trying to stay true to the original structures with their wood-frame construction. It gives the place a bit of an artificial feel, although not as extreme as for example, Römer in Frankfurt. Some of the buildings do look pretty old and authentic though. There's a sprinkling of modern houses too.

It's a sleepy little place. Find it here on Here Maps.

If you're more interested in the name Wittenburg itself, you'll find some links on the about page.

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