Four Wheel Drive Concepts
Offroad Driving Techniques
   Basic driving skills
   Climbing steep slopes
   Descending steep slopes
   Traversing steep slopes
   Driving in mud
   Driving in sand
   Driving in snow
   Wading through water
Vehicle Recovery Techniques
Off-Road Driving Techniques
Off-road driving is slightly more involved than highway driving. Knowing in which gear to ascend or descend a steep incline, how to approach a mud hole or how to traverse a slope can be really helpful. It can also save damage to your vehicle and pride.

Basic Skills Basic Skills
Before diving into more advanced driving techniques, lay a foundation by picking up some off-road driving basics.
Climbing Slopes Climbing Slopes
The process is simple but requires practice. Also read about dealing with failed hill-climbs.
Descending Slopes Descending Slopes
As with climbing slopes, the process is straight forward, and should be practised on gentler slopes before attempting steeper ones.
Traversing Slopes Traversing Slopes
Traversing slopes should be avoinded if possible. However there are times when you have little alternative. This section explains how.
Mud Driving Mud Driving
Driving through mud presents as many problems as there are mud types. Beware of logs or other hidden objects in the mud!
Sand Driving Sand Driving
Find out how to drive on sand without getting stuck while considering the environment. Also read about beach and desert driving.
Snow Driving Snow Driving
Driving through snow is dangerous - don't allow the wheels to spin, and drive slowly enough to use engine rather than brake power to reduce speed.
Wading Wading
Wading requires a lot of preparation both for the vehicle, and by inspecting your route on foot first. Remember that brakes will not function when wet.