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Vehicle Recovery Techniques

Every off-roader gets stuck. It's going to happen, and you may as well know as much as you can to prepare yourself. This section deals with vehicle recovery techniques, equipment, and, because of the inherent risk of damage to property and personal injury, lists some safety issues. The reference section provides additional theory on winching not included here.

Snatch Ropes Snatch Ropes
Snatch Ropes are a powerful recovery aid that use an elastic-band effect to help get you unstuck.
Chains and Cables Chains and Cables
While generally unhelpful, chains and cables do have limited use when winching and towing.
Rope Rope
Aside from the obvious towning benefits, this article shows you how to construct a rope pulley when no-one is around to help you.
Hi-Lift Jacks Hi-Lift Jacks
Hi-lift Jacks are rugged, versatile jacks that allow you to lift a vehicle out of ruts and ditches or to winch it over an obstacle.
Winches Winches
Winches are versatile self-help tools, both for pulling loads and for vehicle recovery.
Pulley Blocks Pulley Blocks
Pulley Blocks can double your winch's power, and allow you to change the angle and direction of your pull.